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Classical instruments...


Let's get creative! We like to work with our clients to provide music that's fresh and interesting; not too overplayed. How about an ensemble built around Soprano Sax, Cello, & Piano, playing contemporary and classical pieces - really cool! Or "Irish Uilleann Pipes" - a distinctive, awesome sound. And of course, we offer the traditional String Trio & Quartet - augment with a Clarinet, French Horn, Trumpet and Bassoon and/or Trombone to make a small chamber orchestra!



String ensembles

The classic String Trio or String Quartet adds an elegant touch to any special event. This can be very effective as guests first arrive; a fabulous look and sound - a backdrop of subtle music that warmly welcomes your guests as they enjoy conversations and exchange "hellos".

Cello elegance

There is really something magical about the sound of a rich cello played really well. It's simple; understated; very cost-effective when paired with one of the musicians from your main band. Add a classical guitar, soprano sax, keyboard, or flute for a minimal added cost.


We have many musical arrangements of popular music and classical. We can also arrange ANY special music for you!

Classical Guitar/Flute

There is nothing quite like the sound of a well-played classical guitar. Couple that sound with a flute and... Voila! Something magical fills the air! An added bonus--your classical guitarist and flutist are also in your main reception band... Fabulous!

A night at the Opera

All I Ask of You is that you'll have a listen to our flawless operatic soloists! From "Nessun Dorma" to "Conte Partiro", show tunes and beyond--your classically-themed affair will be the talk of the town as your guests experience the jaw-dropping excellence of the best that NYC has to offer...the perfect Music of the Night!

Music Prep

When people think of a classical ensemble, they naturally think of classical music. We offer something way cooler! We'll create arrangements for your classical ensemble--transforming your favorite top 40, jazz, country, pop, and even motown songs! 

When you hire us, ALL music writing and arranging is included. We have a vast library of music that keeps on growing! 



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