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Production Elements.


The technology behind sound & lighting (if all works well) should be almost invisible. In other words, no annoying feedback, squawks, pops, etc.--just a great performance! 


When you attend an amazing concert or a successful special event, behind it all is good, quality sound and lighting to help create the desired ambiance. 

Sound is everywhere! TV, movies, special events, galas, restaurants, clubs, weddings, birthdays, bar get the picture! What you may not realize, is that somewhere behind the scenes is a highly trained sound technician setting up equipment and manning the controls. If you need sound, video projection, etc., call us for advice and a great quote.


Most venues we play have some lighting...even if it's just a dimmer on the house lights. Lately, we have been offering what's called "up-lighting"--lighting all around the room. This can look cool and is totally WIRELESS! We more commonly offer band and/or stage lighting. Very effective. It can be subtle early on, and wild and crazy, if need be, later in the night--controlled & in-sync with the mood of the music--in real time. How cool is that?!?

L1 Production

Most, if not all, of our events come with what we like to call Level 1 Production. This includes a state-of-the-art sound system appropriate for your venue. We'll even include mics for speeches & toasts and some basic lighting, if need be. This gets you a great look and sound without having to mortgage the cat. 

L2 Production

Level 2 is where it gets interesting. This is a more a la carte approach where bells and whistles are thrown in and around with abandon! Want that "chest-thumping" bass? Let's bring in a single or double subwoofer set-up! Click here to check out the many cool options available for you!


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